Sony’s PS5 controller is the most magical part of the next-gen console

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The first time I picked up the DualSense controller, I thought: it’s like a little living thing in my hands. I was playing , a free PS5 game designed to highlight the new controller’s features. But, I also wondered: How many other PS5 games are going to take advantage of its wild, subtle features?

Gaming hardware that reaches out and surprises is pretty rare. Usually, it’s Nintendo’s domain: the detaching, docking, transforming , or the Wii’s free-wheeling controllers. The and are pretty astonishing. Add to that list the ‘s magical new version of its controller, now called DualSense instead of the older DualShock designation. 

The PlayStation 5 is a graphically overloaded console with lots of potential, but its standout feature is clearly the upgraded DualSense. Launching Astro’s Playroom, the game preinstalled on the PS5, you get a showcase of what it can do. Its triggers stop and start to make it seem like you’re gripping ledges or pulling back bowstrings. Walking across ice, the controller tinkles and taps just perfectly to make it seem like I can feel the crunchy surface. The DualSense’s vibrational haptics really do create moments where I can almost touch the game.

The PlayStation 5 should get its own in the next couple of years. But in the meantime, the DualSense offers a little promise of what Sony’s immersive gaming steps could head to next.

But how many games will showcase these new features and will developers take the time? New interfaces are risky. Sometimes, as was the case with the Nintendo Wii, Wii U and even the Joy-Cons on the Switch, it’s not easy to get other games to come aboard.

“Following discussions with game developers, we realized that ‘sense of touch’ within gameplay hasn’t been a focal point for many games in the PS4 generation,” says Takeshi Igarashi, VP of the Peripheral Design Department at Sony Japan, over email. 

Sony has leaned on its own creative team to showcase the possibilities. Japan Studios’ Team Asobi has made games showcasing the PlayStation 4’s camera and PlayStation VR headset, and Astro’s Playroom does the same for the PS5. It’s as much a tutorial for new owners as it is an inspirational attempt to spark what other game developers could do next.


Astro’s Playroom was built to show off the DualSense controller. It’s also a guided tour.

Sony Computer Entertainment

A playground of demos

“A lot of games usually come from a narrative or a desire to tell a particular story. And in our case, the story is all about the mechanical device and its possibilities,” Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director at Sony’s Japan Studio, says about Team Asobi and how it made Astro’s Playroom.

Team Asobi was sent its first DualSense prototypes back around early 2018, says Doucet, when the group was still busy making the PlayStation VR game Astro Bot Rescue Mission (which is one of my favorite PSVR games of all time). A dedicated DualSense team split off and started brainstorming clever things the controller could do.

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The PS5’s DualSense is a surprising reinvention of the…


“We had 80 of these individual demos — we didn’t use everything. An individual tech demo could be archery, or it could be walking in the snow, or something like that,” says Doucet. “And then we would decide, in this world, we’re going to have these six or seven demos and we kind of stitched them together in a way that was as natural as possible. The idea is to kind of hide that to the user and just make them go on this magical journey instead.”

Japan Studio’s work helped evolve the controller, too. “For the adaptive triggers, we applied existing mechanism design technology and went through multiple concepts and mockups to create something that worked with the DualSense controller, while making sure we didn’t sacrifice comfort and ergonomics,” Sony’s Igarashi says. “We played demos that were provided by the Astro’s Playroom team in Japan Studio and we bounced ideas off each other to come up with a variety of different vibration patterns.”


Scott Stein/CNET

Immersive magic, but without a headset

I’m used to wearing VR headsets, but the PS5’s first accessories are immersive without anything to wear. Team Asobi’s previous PlayStation games were mostly VR-focused, but the goals with the controller’s haptics are similarly immersive. “You know, we’ve been playing games for so many, many, years and it’s sometimes difficult to get surprised again, right?” Doucet says of the challenge. But he saw a lot of potential in the adaptive triggers and haptics right away. “There could be lots of features that sound cool on paper, but you can never quite get them to deliver anything. But these ones were really, really quick to deliver.” 

The team started with trigger-focused shooting gallery demos that used the haptics and combined sounds with haptics in Astro’s Playroom to create realistic-feeling effects like hitting ice or metal.

“It’s kind of a trinity between what you feel, what you hear, from the controller especially and what you see on the screen. And your brain is really fooled into believing these. And the way you weight all these three elements is very important,” says Doucet.

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PS5 review: full breakdown of all the new features


The effects are also directional and spatial. “In the sandstorm, you have the noise, but you also hear both the wind and the noise from the controller, you hear a kind of crackling sound as if the grains of sand were hitting inside,” Doucet says. “And then, of course, on screen, you also see the sandstorm coming at you. And what’s interesting is because we have two haptic motors in the controller, when the wind hits you in the game, it hits you from the front. And both of them produce haptic feedback on the same level. However, if you move the camera sideways and the wind comes from the side, then we balanced that where it comes from one side and travels to the other. So there’s a real time kind of element, according to the game camera, according to your position in a game.”

Doucet sees possibilities for more game-centric ways of using that, to detect ghosts in a game, for instance. “It’s always important that these things are not just gimmicks or one-shot things, but can be built upon,” he says.


Scott Stein/CNET

Those crazy triggers: Rock climbing, squishy fish

I was particularly surprised by how the PS5’s triggers can stop midway, vibrating with feedback but also seemingly transforming based on what you’re contacting. The closest thing the PS5 does to simulating touch happens when rock climbing in Astro’s Playroom, where the triggers give feedback and even lock in to create the feel of a ledge. 

Some of Doucet’s early experiments with the adaptive triggers showcased surprising levels of realism. “We had a demo we didn’t put in the game, but it was a hand. You could kind of open and close it,” Doucet says. The hand would be able to grab different objects and crush things like glass balls. You could also pick up a fish.

“You could close your hand and the fish would be moving along with the trigger. So it would be flipping and the trigger would be flapping too. And you could hear it coming from the controller.” Doucet says it was particularly surprising: “Seeing something moving inside your hand, fighting back because it’s moving, because it’s alive, it’s a very, very different kind of feeling. We didn’t put it in just because we didn’t have a good place to do it.”

The way the triggers give feedback, tightening up and adjusting, suggests ways games could use the tech for training, or as a guide. Doucet sees possibilities in “precision playing,” but for kampus terbaik di lampung Astro’s Playroom the goal was to be simpler, more child-friendly. Deeper use of the triggers only comes in one area, where the crumbling blocks require some finesse to reach an optional goal. It’s a start toward exploring other ideas.


Dan Ackerman/CNET

A lab to showcase magical possibilities

While Astro’s Playroom is clearly made to entertain PS5 owners, Doucet’s team has used its experiments to showcase ideas for developers, too, as part of their role exploring how to make the most of Sony’s new hardware. 

“We started going out to third-party publishers, developers who also work on PlayStation or plan to make PlayStation games, which is why [we made] some of the choices we made about the tech demos,” says Doucet. “We had one where you could bounce a ball and the ball could be a basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong ball. And they were all different expressions by the way they were bouncing back and the way the trigger would behave. And we did that because, we thought, well, we’re not making a sports game. But you know, there are people where the ball physics and ball behavior is quintessential to the experience. So let’s have this kind of demo and see how far we can push out and that goes up to them. And they can sort of get inspired.”

There aren’t that many PlayStation 5 games that make the most of the DualSense feedback and triggers at the moment: Sony’s uses the subtle haptics a lot as a type of Spidey-sense, but not necessarily to transform gameplay. But those moments could come. It might take developers like Team Asobi to show the way, especially when a possible PSVR 2 arrives.

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How To Prepare Your Small Business For The Next Pandemic

Daftar Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Di Sulawesi Selatan | Info Kampus Terbaru | Informasi Seputar ...

Are you looking for new ways to grow your small business despite these uncertain times?

Then, it's not too early to prepare for the next pandemic. In 2020 we all learned that your businesses could come to a standstill, and income can dry up almost overnight if you don't plan ahead. In reality, we don't know when or where, but we know for sure that another deadly disaster is looming around the corner to strike you when you least expect it.

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, is a perfect example for the impending threat.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are living differently, buying differently, doing business differently, meeting people differently, and in many ways, thinking differently.

While the priority right now must be coping with the crisis at hand, it is also time for small businesses to start realizing that another major threat may be just around the corner. On the bright side, the pandemic has sped up the adoption rate of technologies among small businesses.

The popularity of platforms like Online Check Writer is an excellent example for the evolving digitalization.

It's not an understatement to call Covid-19 the most defining feature of 2020. Although the pandemic is still raging worldwide, it's not too early for small businesses to start applying the lessons learned from the previous year and start preparing for the next crisis.

How Changing Consumer Behaviors Transformed The Industry

First of all, businesses need to understand that crises can produce both temporary short-term changes and some lasting ones. Today consumers and customers across the globe are looking at brands and their services through a new lens.

Why, What, and How customers make payments is changing in real-time, rapidly accelerating technological trends that were once viewed as irrelevant in the space of mere weeks. People are adopting new habits, routines, and behaviors that many anticipate will continue for a very long term.

Studies show that the new consumer behaviors will permanently change how and where we shop, how we live, how we work, and how we do banking.

The pandemic-induced shift has made customers and businesses more dependent on digital platforms like Online Check Writer.

To enable a robust business model in the future, companies should leverage the ways that worked for them during Covid-19 and push it further. The first step one should adopt to emerge from any crisis in a stronger position is to map the potential ramifications of behavioral trends and develop a systematic understanding of changing habits.

Adapt Your Business to the New Reality

Keeping pace with accelerating transformations and trends is critical to mark your presence in the new business landscape. Today, small businesses are increasingly investing in technology to keep business running and prepare for the future.They're prioritizing efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and ease of doing business.

  • In difficult times, a robust online presence can help a business develop new sources of income.
  • Many B2B companies have found success with technology for payment transactions.
  • Offering better customer service will directly impact your business, whether it's during regular average days or in a pandemic-stricken time.

    So, developing an excellent customer experience is a prevailing trend among successful businesses.

  • The best way to prepare for the unknown is to map out potential outcomes or scenarios and stay prepared for potential risks.
  • Businesses must adopt a well-thought-out framework and methods for monitoring the status of the pandemic, inflections in the market, and economic prospects.
  • More and more enterprises are choosing to engage with digital software and cloud-based platforms like Online Check Writer.

    This trend will fundamentally change the structure of sales, partnerships, documentation processes, payment methods, and marketing channels for both B2B and B2C.

  • It is necessary to rethink your business model as digitalization expands. So, stay up-to-date with the changing business dynamic and pts terbaik Sumatera customer behavior in local markets.
  • Businesses need to streamline their payment processes and adapt digital trends into their core business and strategic thinking to remain competitive.

How FinTech Can Help SMEs To Plan Ahead Of The Next Crisis

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The pandemic forced never-before-seen changes at a shockingly rapid pace and accelerated the already-rapid digitization process.

Many businesses found that their go-to financial partners were unable to keep up with the complexity of these fluctuating needs. Thankfully, policymakers chose to leverage fintech solutions to help businesses get through these unprecedented times. By building a financial framework, focusing on the revival of cash flow, community building, and offering diverse payment options, the role of FinTech in empowering SMEs go way beyond the functions of traditional financial services.

Artificial Intelligence: Employing AI to process enormous amounts of data will increase productivity, efficiency and helps to save a lot of time.

Cloud-Based Payment System: The rapid growth of cloud-based payment systems and accounting software like Online Check Writer and QuickBooks hints at a digitally advanced business future.On top of all the standard payment features, these platforms also allow users to print checks at home, payment transactions through ACH, check by mail, wire transfer service, etc., with no hidden charges. The future of business truly belongs in the clouds.

Open banking: Open Banking is another area of FinTech that caught the eyes of business owners during the lockdown days.Aggregating all your financial data, including accounting, payroll, invoicing, and expenses, in one place offers holistic financial management and insights on the financial health of your business.

Supply Chain Transparency: For small-business owners who've been on the verge of a nervous breakdown since the pandemic hit, the effect of a broken supply chain has to feel like a catastrophe.Companies must find efficient and effective ways to gain visibility into their supply chains since increasing visibility into suppliers' practices can lead to new market opportunities.

Bottom Line

In times of crisis, it's easy for organizations to delve back into the old comfortable way of doing things.

But in reality, those are often the time when businesses must make moves towards radical transformation by revamping their business models and investing their money dynamically. As companies position themselves for a new year, they cannot afford to be constrained by the traditional system.

Instead, they must learn to operate in a volatile environment while keeping up with the shift to digitally powered operations. Having overcome the significant challenges of 2020 and 2021, SMEs must inherit the digital way to enhance the quality of services their customers deserve.

Robert Jane Sullivan Photo Regards, Robert Sullivan

The chance of an early interest rate rise has increased with inflation surging well above a key target – which could see typical borrowers pay $500 more a month on their mortgage

15 SMA Terbaik 2022 di Sumatera Utara (Sumut), Kota Medan ...

The chance of an early interest rate rise has increased with inflation surging well above a key target – which could see typical borrowers pay $500 more a month on their mortgage.

The consumer price index climbed by 3.5 per cent in the year to December – with the cost of petrol and building materials soaring, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed on Tuesday.

While that is only half the US inflation rate of 7 per cent, itself a four-decade high, this was well above the Reserve Bank of Australia’s longstanding 2 to 3 per cent target.

In 2020, headline inflation rose by just 0.9 per cent but last year, the CPI almost quadrupled as the global supply chain crisis intensified.

Westpac, Australia’s second biggest bank, is now forecasting six RBA rate rises within the next two years, which would see a typical borrower pay $500 more a month in repayments by early 2024.

An early rate rises also increases the chance of house price falls, especially in overvalued markets like Sydney where mid-point values are in the seven figures.

The chance of an early interest rate rise has increased with inflation now well above a key target - which could see typical borrowers pay $500 more a month in repayments. The consumer price index climbed by 3.5 per cent in the year to December, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed on Tuesday (pictured is an auction at Hurlstone Park in Sydney's inner west)

 The chance of an early interest rate rise has increased with inflation now well above a key target – which could see typical borrowers pay $500 more a month in repayments.The consumer price index climbed by 3.5 per cent in the year to December, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed on Tuesday (pictured is an auction at Hurlstone Park in Sydney’s inner west)

The consumer price index climbed by 3.5 per cent in the year to December. While that is only half the US inflation rate of 7 per cent, itself a four-decade high, this was well above the Reserve Bank of Australia's longstanding 2 to 3 per cent target (pictured are empty shelves at a Coles supermarket on the Gold Coast)

The consumer price index climbed by 3.5 per cent in the year to December.While that is only half the US inflation rate of 7 per cent, itself a four-decade high, this was well above the Reserve Bank of Australia’s longstanding 2 to 3 per cent target (pictured are empty shelves at a Coles supermarket on the Gold Coast)

In a sign of more pain for Australian consumers, petrol prices in 2021 soared by 32.3 per cent, with the figures taken as diesel motorists before Christmas struggled to find the AdBlue additive necessary for modern trucks, utes and four-wheel drives to start. 

Housing costs last year went up by four per cent, with rental markets outside Sydney, Melbourne and kampus terbaik di lampung Brisbane having vacancy rates below one per cent.

The ABS’s head of statistics Michelle Marquardt said the Covid-induced supply constraints were hitting Australians. 

‘Fuel prices were the largest contributor to higher goods inflation,’ she said.

‘More broadly, global supply chain disruptions and material shortages, combined with rising freight costs and high demand, contributed to price increases across a wide range of goods including dwelling construction materials, motor vehicles, furniture and audio-visual equipment.’

The underlying measures of inflation, stripping out big price movements, were also on the high side of the RBA’s 2 to 3 per cent target. 

The weighted median measure of inflation, based on consumer goods in the middle of the price changes chart, rose by 2.7 per cent.

The trimmed mean measure, taking average prices and removing the biggest movers, climbed by 2.6 per cent – the fastest pace in more than seven years.  

Westpac senior economist Justin Smirk said underlying inflation was higher than the Reserve Bank had anticipated, making an early rate rise more likely.

‘Core inflation is now above the mid-point of the RBA’s inflation target, not something the RBA was expecting in its forecast profile this early nor of this magnitude,’ he said.

Westpac, Australia's second biggest bank, is now forecasting six RBA rate rises within the next two years, which would see a typical borrower pay $500 more a month in repayments by early 2024 (pictured is a branch in Sydney's city centre)

Westpac, Australia’s second biggest bank, is now forecasting six RBA rate rises within the next two years, which would see a typical borrower pay $500 more a month in repayments by early 2024 (pictured is a branch in Sydney’s city centre)

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At-home COVID tests are free now, but how can you find one?

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Tests ordered from the website have begun arriving in homes.

Sarah Tew/CNET

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the and websites.

The effort to bring widespread testing to all Americans gained ground this week as health care insurers began covering the cost of at-home tests and  shipped by the US Postal Service started arriving in homes.

On Wednesday, the White House launched , a website where people can order free at-home COVID test kits. Each household can request four COVID-19 tests, delivered by the Postal Service. People can also order tests via hotline — 1-800-232-0233 — if they can’t access the website. 

The that some at-home COVID tests had already been delivered on Friday, much faster than the seven- to 12-day wait for shipping that the White House projected. In a , Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, concurred: “You know, tests started shipping yesterday. We’re hearing stories of some already arriving today.”

Also, as of Jan. 15, health insurance providers are required to cover the cost of eight at-home COVID tests per month per individual. That means a family of five can get 40 free tests per month. Customers can be reimbursed for COVID kits up to $12 per test, or receive free tests at no cost from participating in-network pharmacies.

Several state and local governments have also begun distributing free COVID tests to residents, but a shortage of test kits and high demand have made it very difficult for many Americans to find at-home tests. Read on to learn more about at-home COVID-19 tests, including where you can get them now.

For more information on COVID-19, get the latest on the , how to pick the and how to tell the difference between .

How do I get free at-home COVID-19 tests?

People can now per household online at . The Postal Service will deliver kits in the continental US through First-Class Package Service. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories and any military addresses will be sent through Priority Mail.

According , the kits will typically ship within seven to 12 days of ordering.

President Joe Biden announced on Jan. 12 the government was doubling the number of available free tests to 1 billion, and providing to schools per month.

Several states are already issuing free COVID-19 tests to residents, including , , , , , , , , and . Washington, DC, is making at-home tests available for pickup  while other cities, such as  and , are distributing them to local health clinics. 

Washington state launched its site on Friday but was quickly overwhelmed. With 650,000 free tests on hand, the state stopped taking orders about six hours after launch with the message: “We have had an overwhelming response to the initiative and have already exhausted the limited supply available for home delivery.”

Washington’s website briefly reopened for orders on Saturday, but as of Sunday, it was back to a message of unavailability.

We’ll continue to update this list as more states and cities announce free COVID tests.

Where can I buy at-home tests?

At-home rapid COVID-19 tests are usually available at pharmacies like Walgreens, Walmart and CVS, and via online retailers like Amazon. The White House is allowing insurers to establish a roster of in-network pharmacies and to cap coverage of kits bought at out-of-network retailers. Check with your insurance company to see which stores are in your network.The  has led to a test kit shortage and forced retailers to place limits on how many you can purchase in many regions: Walgreens currently allows each customer to purchase a maximum of four at-home tests, while CVS sets its limit at six. Walmart caps online purchases to eight tests but has no limit on in-store purchases.

As of Sunday, Jan. 23, the only available rapid tests on the Walgreens website are . CVS has three tests available online:  for two tests;  for a single test; and  for two tests.

Walmart’s website has  available at $24 for two tests as well as a pricier  for one. Amazon currently has the  available at $34 for two tests, as well as a whopping  for $1,782 (about $20 per two tests). We’ll continue to update as availability changes.

How do I get reimbursed for test kits?

As of Jan. 15, health insurance companies are required to reimburse Americans for eight at-home antigen tests per person a month, under a . If an individual has been directed to undergo COVID-19 testing by their medical provider because of underlying health conditions or other factors, there is no limit on the number of tests covered.

Carriers can establish in-network pharmacies where the cost will be covered up front, and cap coverage at out-of-network retailers at $12 per test.

Though the Biden plan is not retroactive, some states — — required insurers to start covering at-home kits earlier. You may also want to check with your employer, as some private companies also began offering reimbursement options for at-home tests before the Jan. 15 deadline.

How to get reimbursed for at-home COVID tests varies considerably among specific health insurance companies. Follow the links below for information about at-home COVID test reimbursement for the five US carriers with the largest memberships.

Do Medicare and Medicaid cover at-home tests?

Biden’s new rules on reimbursement for at-home COVID-19 tests don’t currently apply to Medicaid and Medicare, although test kit producers are lobbying to change that.

People with Medicare — a free federal program for Pts Terbaik Sumatera all Americans 65 and older — who also have private health insurance can receive reimbursement from their insurer.

State Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program, aka CHIP, programs are currently required to cover FDA-authorized at-home COVID-19 tests without cost-sharing, .

What if I don’t have health insurance?

For those without insurance, Biden said there will be “thousands of locations” where you can pick up free COVID-19 test kits to use at home in private, rather than get swabbed in a drive-thru clinic. You can also order your free tests from the website, though you’re limited to four per household.

Those who don’t have health insurance can also access free kits at community health clinics and other local sites. The HHS offers a .

How much do at-home tests cost?

Rapid antigen tests are generally much cheaper than home collection tests. Costs vary from brand to brand, but kits generally run about $10 to $25 apiece, with two tests per kit.

Both Walgreens and CVS are selling Abbott’s BinaxNow and Quidel’s QuickVue tests — two of the first authorized by the FDA — for $24 for a pack of two. Acon’s FlowFlex rapid test is currently $10 for one test at both Walgreens and CVS. The On/Go kit of two rapid tests is currently selling for $25 on Amazon and $30 on Walmart.

Home collection tests, which require a nasal swab or saliva sample to be sent to a lab for analysis, cost much more than the rapid antigen tests and require a much longer period to get results. But the “molecular” tests are considered far more accurate than antigen tests. CVS and Walgreens are selling Labcorp’s Pixel home-collection test for $125.

The extreme shortage of kits has led some to resell them on platforms like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, often at an inflated price and with fraudulent merchandise.

“We’ve received reports that unauthorized sellers are trying to profit from the pandemic by selling COVID-19 tests online,” Washington Attorney General Karl Racine . “Please beware and only buy tests through authorized retailers so you can ensure the integrity of your test.”

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, told it prohibits the sale of test kits on any of its platforms.

Should I use a rapid test or get a PCR test?

The two main types of COVID-19 tests are rapid antigen tests and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Antigen tests can be taken at home and return results in about 10 to 15 minutes. PCR tests are more accurate but require lab work and generally don’t provide results for at least 12 hours and sometimes up to 5 days.

Both tests typically use nasal swab samples, though some collect saliva. PCR tests administered by a professional may require a nasopharyngeal sample that involves a much deeper nostril swab. Rapid antigen tests usually require swirling a swab in the nostril less than an inch deep.

PCR tests amplify genetic material from the collected sample up to a billion times to detect even the slightest amount of COVID-19 genes, making them highly accurate. They’re also more expensive, usually costing more than $100 apiece.

Rapid antigen tests simply detect the presence of COVID-19 antigens — the substances that prompt your immune system to create antibodies — and work much like home pregnancy tests. If your sample contains COVID-19 antigens, the thin line of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies on the test strip will change color.

Because rapid tests are simply looking for the existence of antigens, they work best when someone is symptomatic. Rapid antigen tests are less successful with early infections and asymptomatic cases. The risk of a false negative is much higher with a rapid test than a false positive.

The type of test you choose will mostly depend on your situation. Do you need results right now, and are willing to risk less accuracy? Then rapid antigen fits the bill. If you want closer to 100% accuracy and don’t need instant results, the “gold standard” PCR is your best choice.

<div class="shortcode video v2" data-video-playlist='["id":"82863d3c-486d-4e96-a810-4db59d35bf44","title":"What to do if you lose your vaccination card, and how to never lose it again","description":"Your COVID-19 vaccination record card is currently the best evidence to show proof of vaccination in case you need it. Find out how to store your vaccination card, what to do if you lose it and if you should laminate it.","slug":"what-to-do-if-you-lose-your-vaccination-card-and-how-to-never-lose-it-again","chapters":"data":[],"paging":"total":0,"limit":15,"offset":0,"datePublished":"2021-07-15 11:00:00","duration":180,"mpxRefId":"lOMApyCv2o8kAXrCjP10KJMS0IaVe_Ii","ratingVChip":"TV-14","primaryTopic":"id":"1c0fd1cb-c387-11e2-8208-0291187b029a","author":"id":"","firstName":"","lastName":"","primaryCollection":"id":"82a8d3ff-1c8f-4ea3-a791-6b871b779cb3","title":"How To Do It website

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What to do if you lose your vaccination card, and how…


What if I test positive for COVID-19 using an at-home test?

If you take an at-home test and it’s positive for COVID-19, it’s recommended that you share the results with your medical provider and local health department. Methods of reporting self-tests to health departments vary wildly, though. Some have online forms, others require email and still others use phone reporting. Check your local health department website for specific info on how to report a positive result.

After receiving a positive test result, you should , and longer if you’re symptomatic, according to the CDC. Though the risk of false positives from rapid tests is low, most medical experts and health officials still recommend confirming a positive at-home test with a subsequent PCR test.

For more information, and everything you need to know about the .

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Best smart displays of 2020: Amazon, Google and more

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Thanks to  lockdowns, voice assistants are . Add that to the slew of new products from and as we enter the fall, and this is an exciting time for Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart displays add an even more compelling angle: they offer video chat, touch controls, screen for streaming and much more. I for one have already sent an to my mother-in-law so she can drop in to read my kiddos books every couple of days this December.

But which smart display is best for you?

The smart display industry has flourished in recent years, with the  and the  (formerly the Google Home Hub) at the forefront of the screen wars. In addition, Amazon’s new will be adding a new contender to the field soon. It makes sense that there are almost a  on the market: They’re a great combo made up of the always-listening voice assistant (like you’d find in a ) and a touchscreen for watching videos, controlling  devices, adding things to your to-do lists and more. The  even adds in that can display personalized bits of information whenever it recognizes you.

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The best smart display available today


There are plenty of considerations that go into which smart display is right for you. Do you want one that offers video chat and video calling? Or that connects with Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home app? Does it need to be able to control your smart light bulbs and smart plugs? Is audio performance a factor (in case you need music for a dance party)? These are all factors you should keep in mind.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current smart speaker, or you’re just starting your and you find the touchscreen appealing, here are the best smart displays available now. We’ll update this list periodically.

Read more:

Chris Monroe/CNET

You can often find the Nest Hub (formerly called the ) , making it an affordable entry point for the category. It’s also the smartest and best overall, making the lower price even more appealing. 

Thanks to the built-in , the Nest Hub responds to all of the same voice commands as the smart speaker. The touchscreen is a little small at 7 inches, but the adaptive brightness makes pictures look particularly great. Google will even customize a slideshow of family pics as your screensaver.

You can also control your smart home devices, like your smart doorbell, with an intuitively designed control panel. Unlike most of the other smart displays (and unlike its new big brother, the ), the Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera, but that might be a bonus if you have and want to put it on your bedside table. The colorful fabric design allows the device to blend in anywhere, though the touchscreen comes in particularly handy if you want step-by-step help through a recipe in the kitchen.


Chris Monroe/CNET

For a long time, the Nest Hub occupied pride of place on this list, thanks to its photo display aesthetic, pleasant user interface and more naturalistic voice assistant. But as we venture ever deeper into the coronavirus pandemic, the Echo Show 8’s camera — and pts terbaik sumatera its ability to video chat — becomes a more important deciding point for would-be customers. And that’s one feature the Nest Hub simply doesn’t ha.

Chris Monroe/CNET

If you want a 10-inch touchscreen powered by Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Display looks elegant and features the same smarts as the Nest Hub. Lenovo actually offers three different models with 10, 8 and 7 inch screens. The 10-inch $250 smart display has a bamboo back that’s particularly well suited for the kitchen.

The Lenovo Smart Display was actually the first smart display to debut with Google Assistant built-in and it’s still one of the best. You still get Google’s smart-home control panels and recipe guides, plus the Lenovo display has a camera for video calls and a physical shutter to cover it if you want privacy.


Have yourself a crafty little Christmas

Suddenly we have more spare time on our hands again. To fight the boredom, keep busy, and prepare for without breaking the bank in , it’s time to get crafty.

Since winning The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2 last year, my passion for making things has become almost a full-time job. It was also a lifeline during the first lockdown. Pinning, cutting, hemming and stitching fabrics provided an escape from the news and kept me calm.

It would be easy to get sucked into feeling fearful again. Instead, I’m going to get my craft box out — and I’d love you to do the same.

The internet makes picking up new skills surprisingly easy, even when you’re stuck at home. An impressive number of crafters generously share their skills and tips online — many with video tutorials which you can pause or rewind as you go along.

Juliet Uzor (pictured), the winner of The Great British Sewing Bee, has created a list of fun activities to keep you busy during the new lockdown

Juliet Uzor (pictured), the winner of The Great British Sewing Bee, has created a list of fun activities to keep you busy during the new lockdown

And while some people splash out on fancy gadgets, many projects simply involve recycling items you already have at home.

For children, crafting not only passes the time but builds positive memories to be shared for terbaik sumatera years to come. Easy activities like scrapbooking together, hand-making Christmas cards or turning previous years’ cards into gift tags are a great way to start.

So here are 20 fun, easy and creative crafting ideas — one for every day left of lockdown . . .

1. Pom-pom wreath

Use leftover wool to make different-sized pom-poms, then attach to a ring of cardboard to make a bright, cheerful Christmas wreath. For how to make a simple pom-pom, visit or @sewyeah on Instagram.

This colourful pom pom wreath with brighten up your door ahead of the festive season

This colourful pom pom wreath with brighten up your door ahead of the festive season

2. Stylish headband

Sewing your own fashionable hair accessory is easy — all you need is stretchy fabric (an old T-shirt will do), a plain plastic headband and basic sewing machine skills. See Juliet Uzor’s tutorial at

3. Soap making

Great as a gift, learn to make different coloured, naturally scented bars with the Soap Making Kit, £20,

4. Macramé plant hanger

Learn the basics of macramé and create a plant holder with a kit and online course from maker’s platform, £14.99.

5. Embellished wellies

Make a splash by turning boring wellies into works of art. The trick is to draw your designs with permanent paint pens, such as Posca Paint Markers, from £12.99 for four,, which won’t wash off in the rain.

Using permanent paint pens will keep the deigns on your embellished wellies looking fresh even after testing them in muddy puddles

Using permanent paint pens will keep the deigns on your embellished wellies looking fresh even after testing them in muddy puddles

6. Pen tidy

Give an empty tin can a useful new lease of life using fabric scra

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Experts reveal how to keep the season merry and bright over Zoom

Dosen PTS Terbaik Se-Sumbagsel ini Latih Anak-anak Panti Asuhan Kemala Puji Internet Sehat ...

According to a study by , 67% of Americans believe it is more important than ever to celebrate the holidays despite the pandemic.

Fifty percent are actually excited to have a reason to stay at home this holiday. 

While traditions will have to be adjusted, Bed Bath & Beyond’s findings also revealed that families are going all-out on holiday cheer to ‘enjoy the present’ this year.

Illustrator and Author of Celebrate Everything!, Darcy Miller, and the duo behind JWP production company, Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, reveal how to embrace the changes to make sure the season stays merry and kampus terbaik di lampung bright.  

Love is the answer: According to a study by Bed Bath & Beyond, 67% of Americans believe it is more important than ever to celebrate the holidays despite the pandemic. Just because your holiday gathering has moved to Zoom, that doesn't mean you can't fill it with festive cheer

Love is the answer: According to a study by Bed Bath & Beyond, 67% of Americans believe it is more important than ever to celebrate the holidays despite the pandemic. Just because your holiday gathering has moved to Zoom, that doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with festive cheer

<img id="i-47e2f120d870314b" website height="625" width="634" alt="Go for it: ‘String them into garlands, hang them from the bookcase, mantel or window behind you, or from the ceiling above you so that anyone who Zooms in is seeing stars,’ she suggests.’

Simple: 'One easy DIY way to decorate is using gold paper straws .You can turn them into shiny gold stars to fill your Zoom universe'

Simple: ‘One easy DIY way to decorate is using gold paper straws .You can turn them into shiny gold stars to fill your Zoom universe’

‘And while you’re at it, put on some gold jewelry to match, whether it’s the real thing or a letter “pendant” made out of gold straws and a pipe cleaner and tied onto a ribbon as a necklace.  

‘You can also make these for your friends, sending them their initial in the mail before the Zoom, so everyone can coordinate. 

‘Even if you have pajama bottoms on below the screen, some festive jewelry or red lipstick will make you feel like you’re at a party.’

Wolf & Badger Creative Director and Co- Founder, Henry Graham agrees. 

‘Accessories are the order of the day when it comes to video calls,’ said Henry.

He suggests a statement piece of jewelry, a light-weight scarf, or a cute hat. 

Pucker up: 'Download our printable mistletoe stirrers and tape them to skewers to swizzle in your drink. Or, throw in one of the gold paper straws you have left over from making the stars'

Pucker up: ‘Download our printable mistletoe stirrers and tape them to skewers to swizzle in your drink. Or, throw in one of the gold paper straws you have left over from making the stars’

Everything you need to know: 'You can all mix a drink together, there are fun recipes for cocktails in my book, Celebrate Everything'

Darcy Miller knows how to throw a party

Everything you need to know: As a founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and author of Celebrate Everything!, Darcy knows a thing or two about throwing a beautiful party

Make a festive toast 

A toast is something you can do together without physically being together, and a  signature drink can add to the celebratory spirit, according to the author.

‘You can all mix a drink together, there are fun recipes for cocktails in my book, Celebrate Everything.’

Darcy recommends describing your drinks and sharing recipes with your loved ones on the call.

For a speakeasy-approved beverage, don’t forget the garnish! 

‘Freeze cranberries and mint leaves in ice cubes for festive (and flavorful) mix-ins.’

Touches: For a speakeasy-approved beverage, don't forget the garnish! 'Freeze cranberries and mint leaves in ice cubes for festive (and flavorful) mix-ins'

Touches: For a speakeasy-approved beverage, don’t forget the garnish! ‘Freeze cranberries and mint leaves in ice cubes for festive (and flavorful) mix-ins’

Name tags: 'Print and cut out our holiday wreath wine charms to accessorize the stem of your wine glass

Name tags: ‘Print and cut out our holiday wreath wine charms to accessorize the stem of your wine glass

‘Download our printable

‘Print and cut out our holiday wreath wine


Santa emcee: Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, the dynamic duo behind JWP , one of the world's leading forces in event production, fundraising, and celebrity engagement, reveal how to keep a Zoom call under control

Santa emcee: Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, the dynamic duo behind JWP , one of the world’s leading forces in event production, fundraising, and celebrity engagement, reveal how to keep a Zoom call under control

Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, the dynamic duo behind one of the world’s leading forces in event production, 

Assign roles

‘Designate a host who will take care of sending out invites and setting up the Zoom room,’ said Josh and Mimi.

Is someone in the family particularly tech-savvy? 

The duo behind the Highline Festival with David Bowie suggest having them on standby to assist relatives that will inevitably experience complications.

To prevent Zoom call madness, they recommend appointing an emcee.

‘By sorting out roles and responsibilities ahead of time, you’ll set the family up for a stress-free holiday,’ shared the experts.

Team: Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, the dynamic duo behind one of the world's leading forces in event production, JWP , reveal how to keep a Zoom call under control

Team: Josh Wood and Mimi Eayrs, the dynamic duo behind one of the world’s leading forces in event production, JWP , reveal how to keep a Zoom call under control

Organize: 'Designate a host who will take care of sending out invites and setting up the Zoom room,' said Josh and Mimi

Organize: ‘Designate a host who will take care of sending out invites and setting up the Zoom room,’ said Josh and Mimi

Have a plan and set expectations

‘Wherever possible, consider topics of conversation and organizational strategies (hand-raising, host control of participant volume, etc.)’ to avoid total chaos where everyone is shouting over one another,’ revealed the business partners who produced virtual events such as City Harvest’s New York Foodathon hosted by Seth Meyers. 

They believe that this will ensure even shy relatives have the opportunity to catch up with everyone.

Mimi recommends keeping virtual events under an hour or so.

Don’t abandon tradition

‘Every family has its own intricacies, including holiday traditions. Does yours always sing a certain song before dinner, pose for family portraits throughout the day, or enjoy a certain dish?

‘While things cannot and will not be exactly the same this year, many of these things can be translated to a virtual setting,’ they declared.

‘Go ahead and sing that song before dinner, choppy Zoom lag and all; snap that screenshot at the end of the day, and be sure to ask Aunt Mabel for her famous pumpkin pie recipe ASAP. 

‘The only downside there, and it’s a big one, is that you’ll have to bake it yourself.’             

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The best video doorbell cameras to buy in 2020

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”>

 are half doorbell, half . They work by sending real-time alerts to your phone and giving you access to a live video feed of who’s ringing the bell. A built-in microphone and speaker allows you to chat with your guest, and in some cases, the device will also work with so you can let the person in without physically opening the door yourself. 

Most candidates for best video doorbell camera today are Wi-Fi-enabled and offer features such as a rechargeable battery, two-way communication, a video feed and recording, along with the traditional doorbell button. But the designs, video quality, video storage subscriptions and installation process for each doorbell cam can vary.

We’ve highlighted our favorite models below, and we’ve explained exactly how we test video doorbells. So if you’re looking for the best video doorbell, chances are it’s among those we’ve tested. We update this list periodically.

<iframe id="iframe_youtube" class="optanon-category-3" website

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The best video doorbells we’ve tested

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Arlo’s $150 Video Doorbell cam is easy to install, performs well and has competitive features and cloud storage fees, starting at $3 a month. With a cloud storage subscription, you get access to advanced functionality like custom person, animal, vehicle and package alerts.

The Arlo Video Doorbell, our pick for best video doorbell overall, also features a built-in siren, two-way audio, motion detection zones and arm/disarm modes.


Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Arlo’s Video Doorbell isn’t cheap, but this device offers an excellent overall value. For $3 a month you get access to advanced doorbell cam features like person, animal, vehicle and motion alerts. The camera also has arm-disarm modes, two-way audio, motion zones and a built-in siren, just like the .


In addition to the basics such as 1080p HD video footage live streaming and motion detection and alerts, the Hello camera also offers free person detection. Person detection won’t tell you who’s at the door (it’s not facial recognition — more on that below), but it will tell you it saw a person. For a monthly or yearly fee, you can also upgrade to the Nest Aware cloud storage subscription service. Along with access to saved HD video recordings (hello excellent video quality), this service adds .


Best for apartment-dwellers

Ring Peephole Cam

Chris Monroe/CNET

The $199 Peephole Cam is Ring’s answer to apartment doors — or any doors with peepholes. If you don’t want to — or can’t — drill into a door frame to install a hardwired or battery-powered doorbell, the Peephole Cam is a solid alternative.

Entirely battery-powered, the Peephole Cam replaces your standard peephole . You’ll still be able to see through it like a regular peephole, but you’ll also be able to pull up a live video feed of your front door on demand and talk to any visitors. If you subscribe to Ring’s Protect cloud service, you’ll also be able to view saved clips.

With its streamlined installation and clever workaround for apartment-dwellers, the Ring Peephole Cam is definitely worth considering.

Editor’s note, Dec. 14: Ring has been called out for  in the US, leading privacy advocates to express concern about . In December 2019, thousands of Ring users’ , leading us to stop recommending Ring products.

Ring has since updated its security policies, from offering customers a  dashboard to more easily access privacy and security settings to requiring . We have resumed recommending Ring’s products with this caveat: If you have concerns about Ring’s privacy policies.

How we test video doorbells

Testing to determine the best video doorbell is similar to testing any other . First I download the corresponding app and create an account (if I don’t already have one). While a lot of products include tutorial booklets in the box with your purchase, I prefer to start with the app. A good app includes detailed steps on the installation process, as well as how to connect to your Wi-Fi network and actually get the device up and running. It’s your one-stop shop for taking your doorbell setup from start to finish.

Make sure the doorbell is installed based on the manufacturer’s specifications — either hardwired or battery- or solar-powered. As soon as it’s connected and I’m able to view the live video feed, I check the settings. I make sure features like motion detection or activity zones are enabled (they aren’t always turned on by default) to get a complete sense of what it’s like to use the product — and to see how well the device actually works as a replacement to a regular, nonsmart doorbell. 

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Nest Hello video doorbell: Smarter than your average…


What to look for

Does it work with smart home platforms? If so, Kampus Terbaik Di Lampung do they work well together? Nowadays smart home devices are expected to work with at least one major smart home platform — ,  and  are the main ones you need to look for. 

How’s the latency? If your smart doorbell camera takes a long time to get a push alert after someone rings your doorbell, then you risk missing your visitor completely. The same might even be true when the doorbell simply detects motion — you can set the motion sensor of most video doorbells to notify you of activity happening near your door, even if no one rings the buzzer.

If you have latency problems, start with your Wi-Fi connection. If it isn’t strong where the doorbell is installed, you might consider moving it (or, more easily, getting a Wi-Fi range extender). But it could also be the way the software works.

How’s the live view? Doorbells are often exposed to direct sunlight, but many others are installed under porches, near shady trees and in all sorts of other settings. It’s important that the camera has night vision and can handle any of these scenarios so you don’t get stuck with a nonfunctioning product that can’t see faces under a porch. 

How’s the two-way audio? If the doorbell’s microphone and speaker don’t work well, you’re going to have a tough time communicating with whoever’s there. I test this out multiple times to see how the doorbell’s audio sounds over my phone.