Does PPC Remain an Effective Avenue For ICO Marketing Strategies?

(ICOs) – Initial Coin Offerings are rocking!

Back in 2017, there was close to a $5.6 billion raise in 900 ICOs. About half of these were considered a major success. During the first quarter of 2018 – $6.3 billion was raised by ICOs. This number accounts for $1.7 billion earned in Telegram's ICO.

The numbers above only prove that despite regulatory threats and the likes – ICOs is a big business that's only becoming more enormous!

With that said, it is completely natural that ICO Marketing is becoming an ever growing industry. A rather large portion or marketing agencies and/or firms have turned up, as they've begun providing a vast range of ICO marketing solutions utilizing traditional as well, as non traditional marketing avenues.

Needless to say, successful ICO marketing solutions and strategies require an expansive and multi-faceted accession. Although, when speaking of Paid Marketing and/or Advertising – any ICO marketing firm was with one of the two top choices which were Google and Facebook.

(PPC) Pay Per Click was essential to ICO Marketing campaigns last year, as these campaigns generated strong ROIs… However, things changed in January 2018.

PPC's Role in ICO Marketing Tactics & Advertising Bans

On January 2018 Facebook had approximately 2.2 billion users who were active when they decided to announce their new policy, which banned ICO and any other cryptocurrency advertisements.

Within two months – Twitter and LinkedIn, which also, have millions of users also, banned ICO advertising.

As this was happening – Google, who held close to 67 percent of the PPC Market, made an announcement stating that they would be updating their ad policies to include ICO, as well as, other cryptocurrency advertisements.

In addition, they were going to also, upgrade all content in relevance to this issue/topic.

Google had taken down more than 3.2 billion ads in 2017 that didn't adhere to their policies. However, now with the updated ban that just came into effect this month (June) – there's been a colossal change in the way that ICO Marketing budgets are being utilized.

In the past, budgets included – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and now these budgets are precisely focused on Google AdWords campaigns.

As of now, there are no statistics available showing just how much this reform has enhanced ICOs overall, but can you just hear the buzz in the air as digital marketers scramble as they grasp on to the final drops from what had proven to be one of the most productive ICO Marketing tools?!?!

The majority of ICO Marketing budgets are now being used on Google Advertising. However, with it being June already – what's next for ICO & PPC Marketing?

The Growth of Crypto Ad Platforms in PPC Campaigns for ICOs

Well, PPC is not dead at all – at least not for ICO Marketing campaigns due to Google's update on ICO Marketing.

Serious ICOs will definitely benefit from this ban. However, less serious and malicious ICOs will be flushed away. The primary winners from these ad bans will be Crypto Specific Networks.

Although, crypto centric ad platforms provide less publishers in comparison to the typical ad networks – they'll provide more targeted traffic at affordable and reasonable prices that more people will be able to fit into their budgets.

Some of the Leading Crypto Advertising Platforms include the following:

Why SEO is Important for ICO Marketing Solutions

Although, ads are being banned on the more traditional advertising networks, it's important to keep in mind that different search engines aren't.

This certain detail allows for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization to have a prominent role in ICO Marketing Solutions.

As you already know – a professionally and well researched SEO strategy implementation will establish any ICO campaign that's serious enough to consider post ICO Marketing.

Furthermore, in regards to the strategies previously mentioned – you should also, consider Email Marketing, Media Outreach, Press Releases, Sponsoring Events. All of these offer awesome marketing avenues.

Lastly, you can also, use free channels, such as:






Facebook Pages & Groups

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