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We only see four camera views, but they see dozens and dozens of camera screens in the control room, and some poor slobs have to watch them for their entire work shift, logging their activities and conversations. In preparing oneself for the necessity to understand cultural differences from the point of view of social class, without ever imagining that in a way one is preparing oneself towards understanding Class difference and regional differences-questions of taste, not only as regards the color of the clothes one wears and how one furnishes their room, the practice of hanging photographs on the walls, but also taste as regards food, what seasoning one uses-people’s preference at dances for having the sound of the music turned up high, is part of the practices and validation of everyone’s culture as practiced by all human beings globally. I was having about Alex. Mark met Alex in the Lounge to talk, and Jason joined them after he got out of the shower.

I’ve been going through a round of infusions myself and got quite behind on messages here. AND: Jason said he doesn’t think Christmas really got that question right, the one that won her HoH last week. Mark said everything would have been different if Cody didn’t go fucking crazy when he was the first HoH. But if one of us walks into Jury next week, you can go ahead and fucking punch us in the face. Another one that I am not a big fan of his roughing up your girl. I finished 8 weeks of Venofer one month ago. Few weeks later my dong hurts when I pee. He made some good arguments, but Alex is not buying it, of course. Let it, you take in writing. Alex: Yeah. Because how would the government let her be here if her job was so important? I want them out of here so bad I can barely stand it.

Alex: I don’t think Matt and Raven really want to win though. Happiness Island is great if you want to spawn a vehicle and run over tons of pedestrians, plus there aren’t many cops, and you can hide from the helicopters they send since no one already has a visual on you (aka your stars are grey instead of white). For day dress the kilt is worn with a country jacket, or for evening wear a black velvet jacket and white silk shirt are added. After the class, I mentioned I would like to go on harinama the next day. She’s even wearing all black, like Charlie ordered her to. I started wearing them because they are more comfortable then mens underwear, also thinner and lighter which feel free and allows the region down below to “breathe”. What’s your reason? Ladies, what do you think of men wearing earrings? But I think Jason could cam show sex Alex Paul’s DR session mocking Christmas while throwing the comp and Alex still wouldn’t believe anything negative about Paul. Alex: We think the next comp is endurance, though, and we’re going to crush it. They’re going for a ride in the canyon tonight, after supper.

Kevin agrees to “put in a good word with Alex” (Yeah, like that will help.) and Mark says he is going to work on getting Josh’s vote too, thanking Kevin as he leaves the room. Mark: But if I’m still be here, I’m always going to be the bigger target. Mark: I really thought this season would be so different for me. Mark has a training client who wanted to apply with the FBI who told him about that stuff, so he just thought Dominique was in the process of applying for a job with the government. Mark said she told him she had a job that required government clearance, they never discussed it further. Lots of them have no need to go to real work or have a full time job to pay their bills. He was doing great in school, but one morning woke up early in the middle of a night terror and started having a seizure, he was rushed to the ER, and almost died- without me there, because I was at work.

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