Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Hopes and Goals

Jamie, Cheap Jerseys Wholesale President of Texas Football Team

US time Wednesday, Texas officially announced that President Jamey Roots resigned.

Lutz said in the statement: “In the past two decades, I haven’t worried me and my family. I am honored to serve Texas cheap jerseys for sale so long.”

According to the introduction of the official website of Texas, the Lusse “is responsible for all business level functions in the team.”

Cal Mc McNair, Chairman, Texas, said in the statement to Lutz thanks and blessings, and Wholesale Jerseys direct said that the team will continue to advance, win the championship, and leave a good memory for fans. .

According to reports, Lutz does not agree with the idea of advancement of Texas Club, especially the concept of Jack Easterby, which is implemented by Vice President. During the employment of the new general manager, Luz’s opinion has not been paid.

Deshaun Watson is required to be traded by the team before, indicating that the Dezhou people “do not have a real basis” need to “change the whole culture”. However, Texas currently does not intend to trader Watson.

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