clean air with clean technology and the best home innovation

high end house Because of preference, it is important that customers decide to buy. Now, the customer’s desires, in addition to elegance and functionality, have already answered the question. There are also health-related needs of those who live in families who live in the homes at this time.

which unless the brand holding the project has to be known and Home Decorate trusted Other matters such as the design of a beautiful house reflecting the superior taste of the owner including new items for comfortable living All of this is a measure of the customer’s preference to buy a house in that plan.

clean air innovation from Japan

PM 2.5 particulate matter was a high alert at the beginning of 2019. Earlier in the year, PM 2.5 dust, when inhaled, can irritate the respiratory system, causing long-term detrimental effects on the body. Perfect. Masterpiece has brought new innovations in the fresh air house from Sekisui Chemical from Japan, such as the Air Factory system and the Air Tightness System, to be used in the project’s new series of houses. to increase the clean air inside as well as protecting against dust It reduces the risk factors that lead to the development of allergic conditions.

Air circulation system “Air Factory System”

It is a dust filtration system from outside with a 3-layer Air Filter that can trap as small as 0.3 microns, which is up to 97% smaller than PM 2.5 dust and also helps to add clean air in the house. reduce odor Helps reduce things that cause the risk of allergic reactions, etc.

Dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and also lower the air temperature before going into the house. This allows us to use less energy for turning on the air conditioner. Cost buoys as well.

seamless house

The system is closed, all connection points are sealed. It protects the dirt from the outside. reduce odor Protects against noise, protects against rain, and protects pests from creeping in. Together with the Air Factory system, the air in the house is truly clean, purified and free from dust. Except for the new stuff about fresh air inside. property Perfect also chooses new items for convenient living.

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