house window selection that’s right for you and suitable for use

Windows are openings to let in light into the space inside the building. The windows allow us to see the connection between the inner space and the surroundings. Allows you to be able to see the scenery outside from the inside. Including windows, it serves as a channel for ventilation.

Windows are therefore inseparably important components of architecture. If you are the one who is going to build a house We have some ideas for window layouts for you to consider. Here are some things that need to be considered before deciding on the type, position, and size of the window.

1. Sunlight

We need to consider how much light around the house needs a lot of light. including what kind of light for example The toilet and kitchen should be a room that is exposed to a lot of light. to reduce dampness that may occur inside the room The bedroom should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It should be an indirect light that is not too strong.

2. Take into account privacy

privacy It affects the size and position of the window. So that you don’t feel miserable when it’s necessary to keep a close eye on your neighbors at all times. For privacy, you may choose to hack windows above eye level. and do not have to close the curtain to let the light come in

3. Scenery

For a room that wants to see the beautiful scenery outside. like a vacation Home Decorate on the beach or on a mountain It can penetrate large windows. Or drill the glass windows evenly from one wall to the other for a panoramic view.


A room that requires frequent window openings for ventilation. You should choose windows that are easy to open and open wide. for ventilation including inside one room If possible, windows should be drilled on both sides of the wall. so that the wind can blow through This will be more or less depending on the size and position of the window.

size and position

The size and position of the window will already affect the above events. Moreover, different sizes and positions of windows on the interior walls have different physical and emotional effects.

The window in the middle of the wall gives the impression of being solid and looking tidy. The wall will carry out its mission. like a picture frame of the outside view however, if the size is unnecessarily small The light that comes through will be a bright light. a small dot amid the dark wall which could not illuminate the whole room, there would be a contrast of light and shadow so clear. cause a feeling of relief which may be corrected by drilling a window on the other wall to have light coming from two directions. It will help make the light inside the room look more comfortable.

Perforating a window in the corner on either side of the wall cladding. It’s a play on the arrangement of the components of the room. Make the room look more playful and attractive. This type of drilling in order to see the outside view in that exact position. Or maybe it’s for the light and the corner of the room. The light is scattered on both sides of the wall. It is a musty corner between one wall and the other wall.

Drilling the window of this pattern to reduce The hard-looking flatness of the walls and ceiling, i.e. if it is a vertical perforation of the window. The rest of the walls will feel as if they have been separated. and if drilling along the level The ceiling will snub as if floating. and then open the view to be able to see The scenery outside is wider. It also helps to bring more light to the inside of the room as well.

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