Understand the principles and science of Feng Shui at home truly and the best

Home Feng Shui is a science that has been practiced for over three thousand years in China. Therefore, it is difficult to tell the exact origins, but it is sufficient to briefly summarize the different periods as follows. In this era, feng shui is for considering mountains and rivers. to find a suitable location for the domicile Because the Chinese people in those days were still wandering and migrating several times.

Who is Sinsae?

Sinsae are experts and are responsible for analyzing various feng shui characteristics. We did a two-week poll on the fan page of the Home Decorate and Garden magazine. To try and see what offers the reader has received from professional practitioners.

So we put it to the test to meditate on the reasons behind those suggestions. Many people believed and accepted it. Many people were skeptical but gave it a try. And there are also some people who don’t want to follow through because the referrals are unreasonable in a way that they can understand. What are some recommendations? Let’s try it out.

Feng Shui is part of the Chinese philosophy of wind and water. is the art of living in harmony with nature Help put the house in a position that benefits from the surrounding energy. When the feng shui of the house is good It brings about making the inhabitants healthy, calm and confident in doing anything but prosperity.

Solve the feng shui of a house that is lower than street level. Guidelines for buying a home In particular, the method for buying a second-hand house, even if the house you buy will be decorated or adjusted to be ready to move in. There will be things that differ from buying a housing estate in terms of environment and landscape, namely, the appearance of a house that may be located below street level.

According to feng shui, it is the location where there are only problems. Do something that is often interrupted because it looks like a wall is blocking it. Feng Shui solutions to increase green space by decorating the front yard. or add lights around the front of the house

feng shui house stairs home stair position It is an important element of the house, its position that should be paid attention to and is the part that should be avoided and modified, such as the stairwell that surrounds the center of the house. Because it will cause the energy to go up and down to discourage fortune. The stairs leading from the entrance to the house because it brings about the cause of urgency to do something unsuccessful without stability When opening the entrance to the house, no stairs will be found.

Customize kitchen feng shui The kitchen is the heart of the house. Characteristics that are not feng shui principles such as Positioning the hearth and the washing sink close together or in the same line The solution is to place the fireplace and wash basin in an L-shape. But if it can’t be done To find a stainless steel heat shield in the middle, it can be counted as available.

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