How to build a house making the cement wall not cracked and strong

house and construction If we want to have a house Not a small investment, of course, we want a strong home. stay with us for a long time Especially the cement wall, if we find that our house has cracked cement walls. The owner of the house is unhappy and afraid that the house will be destroyed, here and there. Let’s find a big solution. Today we have some good tips. to build a house Make the cement wall stronger. Let’s leave it together.

How to build a house making the cement wall not cracked and strong

Bricks to build houses must be filled with water.

Soak the bricks in water for at least 1 hour before using them to build a house. because the bricks that we bring to soak will suck water into its body. Makes when we build houses Brick will not absorb water from the mortar. This makes the mortar not easily cracked and strong. If we don’t soak the brick in water first, when we build the brick, the water will be drawn from the masonry too quickly, causing the mortar to harden too quickly. will result in the shrinkage of the cement and the adhesion is not good, can crack

Always water the masonry before plastering. It will help prevent stretch marks. Because the brick will draw water from the plaster. causing the plaster to dry too quickly. therefore can cause sesame marks Therefore, before plastering, the brick must be watered first every time. fill the bricks with water

watering the wall after plastering At least once a day during 3-7 days will help reduce the cracking of plaster a lot.

Brick masonry techniques

Masonry must be alternating lines, intersecting between them will act as a lock, making the bricks stronger. most of the time Technicians will lay bricks alternately, then you can see that if we build them alternately If the mortar is broken, it will not spread because there are bricks blocking it.

thickness of mortar If it is a brick The mortar should not be thicker than 1.5 centimeters, because if it is thick When the mortar dries, it will shrink. And don’t forget that masonry is more expensive than bricks. Using a lot of cement will cost a lot of money to build a house. But if it is a lightweight brick, it will be built only 2 millimeters high, which uses less mortar than mon brick.

Masonry must have columns, tendons and beams lintels. Especially around window openings, door openings and openings in the house. because if we don’t have a tendon and lintel beams When there is a crack in the corner of a window or door, it will continue to spread. But if we have made the pillars and beams lintels. It will help around the windows and doors. or various channels of the house stronger

In the area of ​​solid panel walls, there must be columns, tendons and lintels. Not just the door and window or channels only, even around solid walls In a distance of not more than 2-2.5 meters, there should be columns and beams lintels as well. will make the walls of the house stronger

Wall corners must have tendon columns. because of the tendon Will make the corners of the house stronger and have a difficult chance of cracking If there is no pole to support When cracks occur in the corners of the house or walls, long cracks can occur.

It is better to use a mortar mixer than to mix it by hand. because it will have a more exact proportion The texture of the mortar will be more uniform and smooth than when applied, every spot will be smooth and equally beautiful, but if you mix it by hand, it may not be the same. Make smoothness more difficult.

How to build a house making the cement wall not cracked and strong

Precautions for masonry and house pillars

Should plug in the shrimp antennae. Every distance the bricks hit the pillars. will help the seizure and prevent the problem of cracks in the house in a straight line on the side of the house pillar which is found in many houses If we have plugged in a steel mustache pole anchored around the pole. It will make our Home Decorate stronger and won’t cause cracks on the sides of the pillars.


Building a house, especially masonry It is very important that homeowners and technicians pay attention. Because this part is considered important to the strength of the house. and the beauty of the house especially The bricks that we will build must have saturation Alternating brick laying The antennae plugs connect the wall to the pole. Including masonry must have columns, tendons and lintels. in different areas of the house and walls every 2-2.5 meters to build strength to the walls of the house itself

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