new build house Which window to choose?

Home, the main residence of the family choosing to build a house must know the materials to a certain extent Before planning to build a house for today, condo houses, we have a good content to leave each other about new home windows. Which one is better to choose? And what kind of house is suitable?

new build house Which window to choose?

Types of windows that are popular today.

push windows open There will be a window that we have to push. Then the window will open. and if you want to close Just push it into the house and it will be completely closed. There are wood, aluminum, and most of the time there will be a bolt or twist lock.

Sliding windows are mostly aluminum windows. Or maybe it’s wood It has been brought together. The nature is if we will open We have to move the window to the side. And if it’s closed, just move it back to the original position. Then there will be a lock in the middle.

casement window They can be found in the bathroom or around the stairs of the house. to ventilate And vent the musty smell out of the house and let the air be good. flows into the room next to the sash window The characteristics of the casement window are It won’t fully open. It will open up a little. And most of them have a small window size.

Casement windows are commonly used in Home Decorate decorations. to look elegant Will be more expensive than the windows in the above will be a characteristic of Decorate windows. can open a window To overlap each other, open wide, can see the outside view clearly. or to receive a cool breeze from outside the house comfortably Just open it and push it out. The window will fold back and forth. resembling a sliding door But the shutters will not slide. but using the push back and forth

closed window or closed glass It’s mostly a glass window. The highlight of this type of page is that it needs light to pass through the house and is used to decorate the house to make it look bright and see outside. It looks clear, not uncomfortable and beautiful, but the important thing is that it can’t be opened.

window design

Usually when building a house We tend to design the window to be about 90 centimeters above the floor, which is considered eye level. that allows us to see normally various furniture at the window It must be slightly below the edge of the window. but now There is also a window design to be at the bottom. and rise to the top Most of them are for decorating or decorating the house.

Door frame and window frame at the top usually must be the same height Because it will make it look beautiful and orderly, it can be said that it will hold the top line of the door as the main the length of the window It’s up to the design. Depends on the style of the house style.

new build house Which window to choose?

Materials used to make windows

wooden window with glass or wooden windows most of the time In the past, we used to make wooden windows. because the wood grain will be beautiful when painted with varnished material showing wood grain It makes the house more beautiful and outstanding. but need to take care And be careful about termites.

aluminum window with glass Many people secretly worry about the material of wood. and the problem of termites Therefore, nowadays it is popular to use aluminum. Let’s make more windows Aluminum windows can be considered a type of metal. It weighs only one third of steel, has a certain level of durability. The white material is close to the silver. or may be plated for beauty easy to clean Good abrasion resistance

UPVC window (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) and then attached to the glass. It is known as an innovative building material. used to replace aluminum and is beautiful Agag can also take pressure. Or impact without cracking, which UPVC windows are strong and resistant to all weather conditions. It can be said that it can be used for a long time, does not shrink, does not shrink, does not corrode, is non-flammable. Most importantly, it can reflect UV rays and is a good insulator against heat in the home. And it also reduces noise as well.


material selection to be made into a window It depends on many factors. Whether it’s in the design of a house, cement house, wooden house or glass house, the important thing is the satisfaction of the homeowner. that they like their own home What material to choose In making a window, how high or low, how many windows are there? will use the push door open or sliding or bloom And don’t forget about the budget as well. is important channel of light So many things are what home designers do. and home owner must jointly decide which one likes and the best

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