The house will build the walls of the house. In this era, what brick is better to use!!!

Home Decorate is a place to live that we would like to create And stay with us for a long time, not cracking, not hot, durable, now there are materials Which is used to make a lot of walls, then what is popular today? For a cement house to be used to make walls And how are they different? Today, condo houses have the answer. In order to be an alternative to the construction of the house itself.

The house will build the walls of the house. In this era, what brick is better to use!!!

Aerated concrete or lightweight concrete

Aerated bricks are made from cement, lime, finely ground sand, gypsum, aluminum powder and clean water and mixed together until a liquid form is formed. and a chemical reaction This creates many tiny air bubbles, which are evenly distributed in the lightweight concrete. these bubbles make bricks lighter and is a good insulator

There will be various sizes, such as width 7 centimeters, length 60 centimeters, height 20 centimeters. It is lightweight, easy to build, fast construction, but the technician must be familiar with building walls with lightweight bricks, otherwise it may cause Can be damaged or cracked and the use of lightweight bricks time to penetrate the wall or hanging things Must use anchors that are specifically used for lightweight bricks, but the weight of hanging things will have limitations and can bear less weight than mon brick


It is the use of clay to burn the fire. The heat is about 600-700 degrees. The brick is orange in color. which we can easily buy Available in general building materials stores. And most technicians use it to build houses on a regular basis, but the bricks are heavy. easily broken Transportation is a bit difficult. The cost of damage is therefore high. Importantly, the brick is a brick that works slowly.

The house will build the walls of the house. In this era, what brick is better to use!!!

Ceramic brick or millennium brick

The production characteristics are similar to the bricks. is to bring clay to burn the same fire The production process will be in industrial form. therefore have more quality control Using high heat more than 1,000 degrees, resulting in bricks that are strong, durable, have a lower water absorption rate than both mon bricks and lightweight bricks. The standard size of the bricks is large, easy to transport, easy to build, and most importantly, fast. like lightweight bricks

ceramic brick production use interlock system Will look like a male and female dowel will help to align well, the wall will be smooth, thin plaster, saving both mortar and plaster Because the ceramic brick It has a very low water absorption rate. Thus reducing the problem of cracking of plaster due to water loss. So when we plaster the bricks It will not absorb water. Make the plastered wall not crack and ceramic bricks Do not hold water on the brick This makes the chances of fungal growth. and the discolouration therefore less It’s hardly a problem at all.

Weight bearing of ceramic bricks is better than clay bricks and lightweight bricks. Construction, cutting, plastering with this type of brick. will work easily Importantly, the ceramic brick has a bright orange color that can be displayed as a wall at all. You don’t need to putty at all, or you can putty in a thin way, saving plaster.


Ceramic brick, the price is not different from how much brick and have good features and suitable to be used to build a house as well save time saving both plaster And it is strong and durable, easy to build, can build houses quickly. But if you want to construct tall buildings, lightweight bricks are a good choice. in terms of weight

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