Shine on the feng shui door of the house! Promoting Good Wealth 2021

Feng Shui of the house, especially the door of the house It is necessary and important. very much with the media to receive positive energy and negative aspects Into the house, so we will choose the right home for the principles of Feng Shui, it is very necessary. and is another point that is quite a part that has a coordinated purpose in style and story on point with a mix of things that are more or less necessary as much as possible

For today, let’s see. feng shui house door better to help promote The wealth of the year 2021 is no less interesting. and continues to be an aid in promoting to these things as appropriate as possible and what is still That is quite interesting and necessary. to something that is quite remarkable variety is a necessity Of what is quite wonderful, no less.

1. The door is on the left side of the house.

That door was the person on the left side of the house. and should be pushed inside which is another angle that can be called support green dragon side Which many people call the door to call property ever. because the door to open inward It is an invitation to receive good things. come into the house to bring abundance and both crops, cereals and money as well as various ranks

This includes can also Make people in the house love each other as well. But in fact, it’s a design. details that are understood in nature of more people due to opening into Inside, บ้านคอนโด we are able to walk in through the door. It can be opened.

2. The front door is bigger than the back door.

for front door It should be bigger than the back door. Because it is considered according to the principles of good feng shui to be able to store money. a lot because the house itself is like It is a bag of gold and the mouth of the bag is wide enough to accept money. Well, this work is certainly rich. That can be considered guaranteed ever.

3. good direction

nice house door It should open to the east, facing the dragon’s direction, and be the direction in which the light shines in the morning with the dawn of a new day. Getting wealth every day The bad part should not have a door to the north. which is the direction that is believed to bring disease come in to the people in the house and still carbonated the winter will make it dry can come into the house and have to be sick all year round as well

4. The front door is open, airy and not cluttered.

nice front door Should be open and airy to receive good energy. Should not be too removed and if the field is open in front of the house. It is considered a good thing, not least because the area. The front of the house is another million to receive great power. and according to the textbook of Feng Shui, the house clearly wrote that The front of the house, these things would be a good point is a good thing. And it’s pretty great in the areas that matter. and the need for a variety of components and no less appropriate

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