Learn the basics of digital marketing

Would you like to become a digital marketer? In this changing age, digital marketing has become a very popular profession. Behind the astonishment of this profession, it is clear that there are many digital marketing terms that you will find in marketing activities. If you don’t understand these terms, you will struggle to understand the digital marketing process. So let’s get acquainted with the following digital marketing terms to be better prepared for entering the digital world!

Inbound Marketing

The first digital marketing term you need to know is inbound marketing. The term refers to a marketing activity that focuses on bringing potential customers closer to the website. The most popular way to produce content is based on the interests of potential customers. If they are interested, click on the website and have to buy the products on the website.

Unique visitors

A unique visitor is a unique visitor who has never visited a website before. Every time they visit a website they still count 1 unique visitor, even if they may open it multiple times. A digital marketer can use individual visitors to determine advertising effectiveness. The more unique visitors you have, the more effective and better your ads will be.

Bounce Rate

You often hear the term digital marketing. The bounce rate reflects the percentage of potential customers who visit a website and how long they spend on the website. The jump rate is calculated on a scale from 0-100. Uniquely, it wouldn’t be good if a website had a bounce rate of around 100. a indicates a flaw in your strategy. Instead, the value of a good bounce rate is a small number close to 0.

Pay per click

In addition to the two digital marketing terms above, there is also pay-per-click, the number of unique users who click on your ad. To advertise on a search engine, you need to pay that search engine to have your ad appear at the top of the ranking. The amount payable is calculated based on each click received. This is the fastest way to get traffic to your website.

Page View

The last point is the page width. The term digital marketing is defined as a web page that appears when a visitor clicks on a website. If you look at the page, you can see which web pages your visitors see more and which less. For example, if a visitor currently opens 5 websites, the number of page views increases to 5, but visitors are still counted as 1. Now that you understand some of the terms in digital marketing, what about you? Understand and practice these terms to better prepare yourself for digital marketing!

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