A collection of innovative homes that are comfortable for you in 2021.

home innovation and safety in life and property of residents It is necessary for development and effort. to create a feeling of warmth especially those who live in homes within high security. which is another advancement in technology including being able to answer the question When wanting to come and live, whether Neither the installation of the equipment nor the safety of modern excellence. that can meet the needs of living more And these things will be something that is not less interesting and necessary.

for today we Therefore, we have gathered innovative homes that are comfortable and convenient. Giving you into another part that is quite interesting. It is another form that is quite necessary. and the form of helping to facilitate comfort of being at home as well And it’s still the most responsive thing in 2021.

closed-circuit camera

at present Innovative online surveillance cameras It can be considered as another security technology that is constantly evolving. and can be purchased in many forms Whether it’s a recording user only or can also sound an alarm. or still speaking through the speaker to broadcast to the CCTV to communicate with the people in the house as well Thus making it more convenient to connect and บ้านคอนโด home to view live images and can be viewed backwards. and can also control the direction of the camera distance So it receives notifications in the microphone and is no less good.

digital door

It has been talked about continuously this year. So that’s it for digital door locks. which is an innovative home that is safe and has become increasingly popular. Especially in a condo or a modern house itself is not necessary. The key will be needed longer to turn the sound off. Press the code or have a key card to save. There will be a fingerprint scan. to get permission and that is important Also able to open the door to the house and beep every time as well, so it is another point of safety. It is much more than a simple door lock system. It is very much with the need and take care of people in the house well.

intruder detection sensor system

for the detection system that intruder It can be considered that for many decades, however. In the current system is constantly evolving. which at present can detect the ability to notify the house via a smartphone and including Notifying the security guard In a house project very well, this is another thing that is quite excellent. with the investigation or the use of the police To check immediately and still have a sensor system. In good detection is very effective.

electrical control system

for the electrical work ordering system It is considered another great innovation. So it can be said that whether it is to sit in air conditioners, power sockets, refrigerators and electrical appliances. In many homes with IoT, it can be considered to be able to connect to the Internet. to control and also have online surveillance cameras which is a device that can answer the question is not difficult

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